Outdoor Spaces Coordinator


The Outdoor Spaces Coordinator is responsible for managing the organization’s program for recognizing public green spaces, including planning, maintenance and volunteer coordination. They work with the community to improve public spaces and promote environmental sustainability.

Key Responsibilities

• Liaise with County Coordinator to have decals and brochures ready for the beginning of May.
• Work with the communication coordinator to advertise for volunteers in late winter/early spring.
• Update the previous year’s recipient list in a way that volunteers can access it and update it as locations are recognized for the current year.
• Have the recipient’s name, address, date of visit, note if pictures were taken (always ask permission), if the decal and brochure need to be mailed and an area for comments on the working list for the year.
• Upload the working master list for volunteers to access for visits.
• Meet with the volunteers to distribute decals and brochures. Instruct them on entering the information for recipients including new locations and previous locations that have no flowers or have ceased to operate.
• Instruct volunteers to take a variety of pictures, with permission, to send by text to the coordinator. Forward appropriate pictures to the communication coordinator for newspaper or newsletter use. Also forward pictures to the social media coordinator.
• Monitor the working list to see how many locations have been visited.
• Communicate with the volunteers to see if they are having any problems or need more decals and brochures.
• At the end of August, compile the number of recipients, new locations, previous locations no longer eligible and write a report for presentation to the board/AGM or where requested.

Volunteer Hours

January through April – preparation
Approximately 10 hours

• May through August – managing the active program
Approximately 6 hours/month

• September through October – completion of documentation
Approximately 4 hours

• Board Meetings
10 meetings/year, approximately 2 hours/meeting

Outdoor Spaces Volunteers

• Meet with the Outdoor Spaces Coordinator to receive decals and brochures in May.
• The potential recipients are businesses or organizations within Strathcona County who have added flowers to their outdoor spaces.
• Identify potential recipients by using the master list and looking for new recipients.
• Access and add information to the master list as recipients are found.
• Follow safety and health measures. Be mindful of requests of individual recipients.
• Take a variety of pictures of recipient’s flowers (with permission) and forward them to the Coordinator.
• Communicate with the Coordinator if you have questions or concerns.
• Our goal is to have all locations visited by mid August.

Volunteer Hours
• May – receive supplies and recognize greenhouses
Approximately 2 hours

• June through to mid August – locate and recognize recipients
Approximately 2 hours/week – dependant on the number of volunteers

Vehicle required and there is no reimbursement for