2016 Circle of Excellence (Evaluated) category – 5 Blooms Silver  and a special mention for Prairie Walk in Centre in the Park

2015 Grand Champions Winner – 5 Blooms – Silver and a special  mention for Outdoor Public Art Plan during the National Symposium and Awards Ceremonies held in Kamloops B.C.

2015 Canada Day Parade in Sherwood Park – “Best Novelty Entry”. Thanks so much to Obie, CN and the engineers, our volunteers and organizers Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce.


Home Hardware Community Involvement Award: 2014  Recognition for: Public involvement in various community programs and projects, recognition of volunteers, and support, financial, in-kind or via participation toward community initiatives by the municipal, business and private sector. Participation in community, neighborhood or individual initiatives (including promotion, organization etc.) in tidiness initiatives; participation in public forums and policy development on environmental issues; cultural and natural heritage programs; tree planting and conservation programs; volunteer initiatives, outreach programs in floral displays etc.