Support Us

We are grateful for all the support we receive across Strathcona County including Sherwood Park. Without the support and involvement of our community, we could not achieve our program goals.

Of course, we are always willing to consider new sources of funding to support our programs. Budgets are under pressure for all of us but every contribution helps.


Strathcona County provides the essential funding that supports our efforts across the community. They support us in the purchase of plants for the many beds and planters across Sherwood Park and also support us with material and supplies. Staff at Strathcona County water our beds and planters throughout the summer, prepare the soil in the spring and help us clean up the beds in the fall.

County Clothes-Line provided us a grant in 2020 that we continue to use for the delivery of our programs — enabling us to extend our programs beyond what is funded by the County.


Some private businesses provide financial support for specific parts of our programs. They may provide us with direct funding or provide a credit at a local greenhouse or provide us gift cards etc. that we use in recognizing community members for their efforts.

In 2023, we are pleased that (so far) the following organizations have chosen to contribute:

Salisbury Greenhouses — will provide $500 to support the plants that grace the entrance to the Strathcona Museum and Archives.

Three Seasons Landscaping — will provide $500 to support the beds that are planted at the Kinsmen/Rotary Plaza

We hope to add another supporter or two this year as we are trying to add four new planters near the Randy Rosen Arena. Contact us if you would be able to help us out.


At Strathcona in Bloom, we choose to support local greenhouses to the greatest extent possible — essentially all the flowers you see planted in beds, planters and pots that we plant are flowers that have been purchased from local greenhouses.

We work carefully with our Preferred Greenhouses and we encourage all citizens to consider them when they are purchasing flowers for their yards.

In 2023, our Preferred Greenhouses are:

Aspen Ridge Greenhouses

Cornwall Cottage Greenhouse

Estate Gardens Greenhouse

Hastings Lake Greenhouses

Salisbury Greenhouse

South Cooking Lake Greenhouses

Wallish Greenhouse


With over 100 volunteers, we receive thousands of hours of volunteer time contributed to this program. Without our strong volunteer base, we could not deliver our programs in the County.

We appreciate all the forms of support we receive — sometimes monetary, sometimes plant material, sometimes volunteer time, sometimes ….. There are so many ways the community helps the success of Strathcona in Bloom.

Please contact us if you see a way that you could contribute to and support Strathcona in Bloom.