Beds and Planters                                   Location

Ability Bed                                                Sherwood Drive across from the Mall

Celebration                                                Wye Road East of Ordze Road

Canadian Tire                                            Wye Road Southwest of Sherwood Drive

Village on the Lake                                   Village Drive and Sherwood Drive

Smeltzer House                                          Broadmoor Boulevard and Glenmore Avenue

Woodbridge Farms                                    Woodbridge Way and Broadmoor Boulevard

Broadmoor Village                                     Village Road and Broadmoor Boulevard

Centennial Plaza                                         Broadmoor Boulevard and Baseline Road

Robin Hood Bed                                           Sherwood Drive across from the Mall

Canada Flag Bed                                           Oak Street at the Arena

Museum                                                           913 Ash Street off Wye Road

Sandpiper Park                                              Brentwood Boulevard near Sherwood Drive

Peace Park Planters                                      Festival Way

Glen Allan Rec. Centre                                 Georgian Way off Granada Boulevard

Nottingham                                                     Nottingham Boulevard and Clover Bar Road

Fire Hall #1                                                       Sherwood Drive

Craigavon South                                             Craigavon Drive and Clover Bar Road (South)

Craigavon North                                             Craigavon Drive and Clover Bar Road (North)

McGhan West                                                    Primrose Boulevard and Meadowview Drive

Davidson South                                                 Clover Bar Road and Davidson Drive

Heritage Hills                                                     Highland Drive and Clover Bar Road

Heritage Hills Entry                                         Baseline Road and Highcliff Road

Blueberry Park                                                    Meadowview Drive and Blueberry Crescent

55+ Club (Old Timer’s Cabin)                         Spruce Avenue

East Whitecroft Hall                                         314, 52313, Range Road 232

Brookville Community                                     53203 Range Road 212

Antler Lake Community                                   53243 Rand Road 211

Ardrossan Hall                                                     60 First Avenue, Ardrossan

South Cooking Lake                                           Township Road 511 and Range Road 221

Communities in Bloom Sign (S)                    Baseline Road and Chippewa Road (south)

Communities in Bloom Sign                          Highway 21 and Baseline Road (west)

Communities in Bloom Sign                          Highway 21 and Wye Road (west)

Good Hope Community Hall                            21076 Township Road 542

Kinsmen Leisure Centre                                   2001 Oak Street