Bed Planting Volunteer


(to come)

Key Responsibilities

Reports to Bed Coordinator
Communicates with Bed Coordinator
Supplies own tools and gloves
Participates in planting of assigned bed/planter – first week of June usually
Participates in maintaining assigned bed/planter (June – September) on a weekly basis weeding and deadheading
Clean up of assigned bed/planter (September/October – weather dependent)
Helps Volunteer Bed Coordinator in other duties as required
Follows all Health and Safety guidelines suggested by Strathcona in Bloom and AHS
Wear designated T-Shirt
Do not share tools, gloves or T-shirts
No earphones
Park in a safe and legal spot (not on curb, boulevard etc.)

Volunteer Hours

May /June to September/October depending on weather
Depending on location about an hour a week commitment