Bed Coordinator


The Bed Coordinator is responsible for managing and maintaining one of the organization’s community garden beds, including planning and supervising volunteers. They work closely with the Urban Volunteer Coordinator as well as the Bed Planting Volunteers for their bed. They also work with community members to promote sustainable gardening practices and beautify public spaces.

Key Responsibilities

Communicates to the Volunteer Coordinator
Liaise with Volunteer Coordinator on planting dates (usually 1st week of June)
Liaise with Volunteer Coordinator and greenhouses to order plant materials.
Identify volunteer requirements and communicates to Volunteer Coordinator
Ensure that assigned flower bed/planters are kept weeded and deadheaded throughout the season. Informs Volunteer Coordinator of any other bed requirements such as extra water.
Order planting material for bed from preferred greenhouses
Pick up plant material from preferred sources
Responsible for planting material care until planting time
Keep within the designated budget total – this amount includes GST.
Weed and deadhead with bed volunteers
Supply own tools
Liaise with Volunteer Coordinator on clean-up dates (September or October depending on year)
Attend Bed Coordinator meetings (approximately 2 times per year)
Have ROWCAP on person when working in beds IF applicable
Ensure Safety of the team
Follows all Health and Safety guidelines suggested by Strathcona in Bloom and AHS
Wear designated T-Shirt
Do not share tools, gloves or T-shirts
No earphones
Park in a safe and legal spot (not on curb, boulevard etc.)

Volunteer Hours

May /June to September/October depending on weather
Depending on location about an1.5 a week commitment, allow extra time in May and October