Communities in Bloom — National Edition

Strathcona County has officially entered the 2023 Communities in Bloom National Edition and International Challenge!

The National Edition includes the categories of Population, Circle of Excellence, Class of Champions, Grand Champions, International Challenge, and Special Attractions.

The International Challenge involves winners from Communities in Bloom, Britain in Bloom, America in Bloom, Tidy Towns of Ireland, Japan in Bloom, Comuni Fioriti (Italy), Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, and other countries competing based on population categories. An international jury will evaluate communities based on the accomplishments of the municipality, its businesses and institutions, and citizens and community groups.

We can’t wait to get started and show how beautiful Strathcona County truly is!

Board Members Needed

Strathcona in Bloom needs you!

Our Board is looking for some new members! As a Director of Strathcona in Bloom, you will participate in our monthly meetings (about eight per year with breaks over summer and Christmas) and help guide and direct the programs we offer. We have nearly 100 volunteers delivering our programs: our Front Yard recognition program, our Public Bed Planting program, and our Public Spaces program. We also participate in or conduct a few special events throughout the year.

As a Board member, you have a great opportunity to contribute to your community while developing contacts and friends. We are all about “Growing Community.”

Our Board page lists all the roles the board performs and provides links to more complete descriptions of the roles.

Currently, we are looking for a Treasurer as well as a Director at large.

If you’re interested or would like to find out more, please Contact Us.

Scotts Gro for Good Grants

Scott’s Canada has launched an initiative called the “Gro for Good Grants” in support of community gardens and green spaces across Canada. The initiative will provide grants to support the development and maintenance of community gardens and green spaces, as well as educational programs that promote sustainable gardening practices. The initiative is part of Scott’s Canada’s commitment to promoting sustainable gardening and to helping communities create vibrant green spaces that improve the health and well-being of residents. The Gro for Good Grants will be available to eligible organizations and community groups across Canada, and applications are now being accepted.

Only 200 applications will be accepted nationally for these $2500 grants.

Colour of the Year — 2023

Are you starting to dream about your garden this summer? Have you started pouring over seed catalogs looking for ideas for your plantings?

purple, pansy, flower, bloom, communities, Strathcona, garden

Communities in Bloom nationally have chose PURPLE as the colour of the year for 2023.

Purple has a variety of effects on the mind and body, including uplifting spirits, calming the mind, enhanced feelings of spirituality and encouraging imagination and creativity.
From lilacs to coneflowers, from coast to coast, let’s paint the country purple!

We will all be watching for PURPLE across Strathcona County this summer. Let there be purple flowers but also purple cabbage, eggplant (can you grow it??), etc. etc. See what creative ways you can incorporate PURPLE in your garden this year.